Human Connection.

Human connection.  Something glorious happens when you reach out to another person to connect, it doesn’t really matter if you know the person or not.   I have had some particularly great human connections lately.   One was a Divine appointment, another an opportunity to learn something new, and most recently, an opportunity to encourage and comfort.   All were special in their own way.  

Today I want to highlight my opportunity to encourage and comfort a young traveler in our country.   She was traveling from Europe to the U.S. for the first time.   Unfortunately, her first experience was an evacuation at LAX. When I met her she had been at LAX since the night before and had been bumped from several flights and finally was getting ready to board the next flight out.  I could tell she was a little anxious so I struck up a conversation with her.   She proceeded to tell her story about her first visit to the US and having to get somewhere by 4 today and worried she wouldn’t make it.   She broke down in tears… which turned out to be a great release of all the stress she was feeling.   We talked, I encouraged her, said she would love the US, everything would be OK and she would make her appointment on time. By the end of the conversation she was smiling and laughing and I watched her get in line and head down the runway to get on the plane.

I felt so fortunate and privilege to have that human connection.   I would have missed it if I hadn’t said, “Hi, where are you off to?” Our lives can be filled with such moments if we make ourselves available and look for them.

Today, in our culture or for that matter around the globe, it seems more acceptable to reach out via our devices on social media than to make a human connection.   The things is, our devices don’t smile, laugh, or cry with us.

In my experience, most of the time I have to do the reaching out… it’s probably 90% of the time with someone I don’t know. I always have an intention of kindness and curiosity. The responses are always interesting and mostly positive.   All it takes is that first step, that first word.   Then you wait for the response, they will say something, and then conversation will take care of itself. Show up with your human compassion and curiosity.

I encourage you to take the first step.   Just utter the first word to make your own human connection. Tell me about your favorite human connection in the comments.

Another form of community, human connection.

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